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Protective Enterprises values the men and women who work here.


Step 1

All applicants are required to submit their application via this website.

Step 2

Once your application has been successfully submitted & received, your application will be submitted to our recruitment/ administrative services section of the agency. All personnel are required to submit ALL supporting documents (D, G, Security/ law enforcement certificates, high school diploma/ GED and a local background check from your local law enforcement agency/ substation.  Applicants have 5 days to submit required documents or their application is automatically placed in our “Not qualified” section.

Once submitted, your initial background process check begins. You will be called for a first interview, pending background completion.

Step 3

Interview #1 (Dress casual, NO flip flops, tank tops or gym shorts at headquarters).

Interview #2  (Field Operations Division Command conducts second interview at headquarters).

Step 4

ORIENTATION: All new hires are REQUIRED to attend the new hire orientation on Wednesdays at PEPS Headquarters from 1500-1700 hours and can NOT be rescheduled. ORIENTATION will be conducted which will introduce our policies and procedures and WELCOMING to our agency. ALL personnel are administered an oath to enforce rules and follow company policies and state law. All new hires are required to wear their black crew neck t-shirt, solid black sneakers or athletic style boots, full duty belt. Do not wear your handgun but it needs to be brought in for inspection. BRING all of your necessary equipment (Duty belt etc.) with you for your initial inspection.

Officers are issued a company ID Card and human resource paperwork is completed.

Immediately upon Hire;

Electronic reporting software access is granted for officers to complete property reports via mobile device (NO MORE HAND WRITTEN REPORTS).

Step 5

Inspection is completed by a uniform supervisor prior to you being assigned to the field.

Step 6

Sexual Harassment/ I-9 Paperwork

Step 7

Schedule assignment with Field Lieutenant

Step 8

Meet the Sergeant

Step 9

FTO Program (32 hours of training), assigned an FTO

Step 10

FTO Exam PASS OR FAIL/  Solo presentation

REGULAR PAY: · All personnel receive pay every two weeks, jumping right in current payroll cycle. Our pay cycle runs one pay week behind.  Staff Work week #1, Work week #2 and get paid the 3rd week Friday. Our staff are credential with our mobile app for clocking in electronically and maintaining their hours through the field commander (Lieutenant). Officers can observe their schedule two weeks in advance and can track their own time real time.

Pay is dependent upon rank, not on what site is worked. Pay does change from site to site. D sites will be paid at D salary. G post will be paid at G salary.


We DO NOT pay time and a half but you will receive a holiday bonus. (For ALL Federal Holidays) with client contract participation.



All personnel must complete our field training officer program of 32 man hours with a senior officer/ supervisor. New officers will shadow for an additional 30 days.



All G officers are issued a take home two-way radio for duty use as needed and are connected to our administrative office/ central command. Body cameras are issued to ALL qualified G licensed officers.

Officers are issued (2) uniform shirts (Rental) and company issued ID. Officers are required to provide

their own non-lethal/ lethal equipment, bullets, NYLON handcuffs/ closed case, 21 inch ASP Baton/ holster,

OC Spray NOT foam/ holder, Level II, ballistic vest and duty firearm (9mm/ .40 Caliber) and three magazines.

PEPS offers through our “Get my gear” (Ballistic vest and firearm) rental program. Officers are issued 

Nationwide two-way radios and BRAND NEW Cloud Based Body Worn cameras after the successful 

conclusion of their issued FTO (Field Training Officer Exam). 

As tenure is earned.

All new hires are required to complete the FTO test with the field sergeant upon completion of the FTO program. ALL employees must successfully pass the standard exam.

  • 30 Days: All officers will be evaluated by Sergeant after the first 30 days with the agency.

  • 60 Days: The SOP exam will be issued to the officer within the first 60 days of employment. This is administered by the Field Services Support Commander (Lieutenant), who will complete your second evaluation, this includes uniform inspection.

  • 90 Days: All employees are placed on a 90 Probationary period. No employee can take off any leave time, the first 90 days of employment! Employees are eligible to make a lateral move into another position after the 91 day with the agency. Eligible full time employees will begin to receive accrued paid time. (See human resources department).

  • 6 months- One Year: All officers are eligible to take the supervisor’s exam and submit a resume, to include Goals/ Objectives interested position, to higher command, a prerequisite to promotion when position opens (Corporal/ Sergeant). Lieutenants rank and above are appointed by the Chief and are considered the Chief’s Staff. Officers must be employed with company between 6 months and 1 year to apply for supervisory position. Supervisors are issued assigned patrol vehicles, as the position applies.

One year all armed officers are eligible for a ONE year pin provided by the Chief.

All full time a crew PTO (See human resources), which hourly employees MUST use by the end of the anniversary year. All employees who call out sick must be supported by a doctor’s note.

All personnel are eligible for a paid vacation (24 hours) once they have been with the company for one calendar year. Each year, you accumulate 24 hours on your anniversary. PEPS offers medical for all new employees immediately and further provides supplemental vision, dental and life insurance. 


All officers are eligible for consideration to move into certain specialized assignments such as ASU, K9 Handler, Instructor, School Response Officer & Executive Protective Officer (EPU) after they have been employed with Protective Enterprises 91 days. Protective Enterprises Public Safety covers the costs of the K9’s care and may assign a dedicated and specially outfitted patrol vehicle for duty use. Each time I receive a promotion/ pay change, I shall SIGN a NEW employee/ contractor contract.

NOTE: Officers who fail to meet their probationary period, resign or are terminated from contract will be compensated at Federal Minimum Wage and their compensation will be mailed out from THE NEXT pay date to the last known address. All officers are required to bring back their company issued equipment immediately (CLEAN) as well as sign their separation paperwork. Officers who fail to sign required paperwork of separation, shall understand a delay in administrative exit processing.


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This is a secure site *

Position *






Check Box*

You must have RELIABLE transportation to and from work. Must have a working cell phone for incident reporting database, time card electronic access and accessibility with administrative office. Upon submitting application for employment, you MUST email our administrative office at or bring in within 5 business days the following documents; High school diploma/ GED/ Transcript. If you do not have either, you MUST complete a basic knowledge assessment exam with us (This is free of charge), social security card, driver’s license or Florida ID Card, security license (D)/ (G), any security class certificate(s) or subsequent documents pertaining to your level of expertise (OC Spray, Baton, Degree and or professional certificates/ certifications).


*All applicants MUST retrieve a local background check from their local substation or police department from place of residency (City police station, zone substation). Failure to provide documents will result in your application being defaulted.*

Check Box*

By checking this box, I have completed this application with TRUTH and HONESTY. Should it reveal DISHONESTY or failing to disclose employment history or conduct, I shall be disqualified and or be terminated from my employment with PEPS. I am authorizing my current employer or former employers to disclose any information that they have regarding my qualifications and fitness for employment to Protective Enterprises Public Safety and or one of it's affiliate agencies. I further also authorize any references speaking on their behalf to exchange any other reasonable and necessary information, leaving them free of liability for the exchange of information regarding employment.

Thanks For Applying With Us, We Will Be In Touch.



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