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PEPS School Response Officers (Armed Officers) secure private educational facilities, teach, counsel and protect the school community, “School Safety First”. The benefits go beyond reduced violence in schools and our officers often build relationships with students while serving as a response to students, teachers and administrators to help solve problems.

For students with a mental illness, use of drugs or alcohol can be a key risk factor for committing acts of violence. Recent data shows that those with a severe mental illness and a substance use disorder have a greatly increased relative risk for violence (more than 11 times) compared to those with neither diagnosis.  Since SROs can help infuse substance abuse and violence-prevention messaging in schools, they can play an important role in school safety plans and intervention.

School Response Officers are not just SECURITY GUARDS, they are men and women who receive training in counseling and other skills that help them be effective in a school setting. Part of a school response officer’s job is building relationships with students, faculty, civic organizations, DCF and various other agencies, which the job often doesn’t end at the close of the school day. They can be present at extracurricular activities and in school hallways, building trust with the students. School Response Officers can get involved if they believe a young person may pose a danger to the school community. They can even visit students at home and speak with parents and family, acting as agents on the educational facilities behalf.

  • Address public safety issues

  • Act as agents of owner/ manager enforcing community rules

  • CPR & First Aid Certified Officer

  • 24-7 Emergency dispatch center (We will coordinate calls to Fire/ Police)

  • School Crossing Guard Training/ Direction (Certified through F.D.O.T.)

  • Officer VS Student relationship building (Bullying prevention & Intervention)

  • Active Shooter Training/ Coordination/ Response

  • Emergency Management Guide Facilitation/ Training

  • Extracurricular Activity Security Scheduling (Basketball, Football, Graduations & More)

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